My name is Tyra Anderson, I am 14 years old and I currently live in Windsor. I lived in Bloomfield a little bit before, like for preschool and some of kindergarten. After that we moved to Windsor, and I started to go to Roger Wolcott. Now I am currently in the 9th grade at Windsor High School, and play three different sports such as: soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I have played on the varsity team for all these sports with this being the Lacrosse season. The basketball and soccer seasons weren’t the best but I made a lot of friends that way. I’ve been playing basketball for 6 years, and this year will be my 7th. I’ve played on three different AAU teams such as: Wins for Life (where I met Coach Kris and Mr. Nwachukwu), CT Starters, and now CT Heights. I’ve played soccer for 9 years, and this year will be my 10th. I also play on a premier team CFC Wolves and we won the CT State championship for our age group last year.
Lacrosse is a new sport for me and I’ve only played it for one and a half seasons. Last year in May or April I fell when playing indoor soccer and broke my left thumb. I had to miss a part of my basketball season but I was able to bubble wrap my wrist (that was in a cast) for soccer. I would like to thank Mr. Nwachukwu and Coach Kris for this opportunity to play basketball this season. I wouldn’t be playing this basketball season, Mr. Nwachukwu had created this team for his wife and is a good man for doing this. Coach Kris invited me to be a part of this wonderful team. I also am glad for my coaches (coach Clinton and coach Glen) and trainer Marcus.