My name is Shamarla King and I was born and raised in Kinston, Jamaica by Aunt after mom left to live in America. I was never upset at the fact that my mom left me and brother in live in the U.S because I knew that she was doing it for me and my brother. She wanted us to have a brighter future so that we don’t grow up and be sorry for all the opportunities this country would have to offer me. I was not worried as much though because I knew that I would be in good care and I still had my father to go to if something went wrong and I needed someone to talk to. One of the main reasons I did soccer was because of my dad. I knew that he played and loved the sport. I looked up to my father and I wanted to follow in his foot steps to be the kind of person he was. I never actually new about basketball until I came to America about two or three years ago since Jamaica is a place known for soccer. Basketball never meant that much to me like soccer meant to me back in Jamaica. I would play it everyday after school with my friends, nothing serious just having fun. Though we would argue about who was better than this person. I was the only girl that would play the boys, the other girls were too girly, focused on boys, or just didn’t do too much.
As time developed and I started to spend more time in the gym I started to take the game more seriously. I would go to the gym to work on my dribbling skills, shooting and lay-ups. I’ve only been playing for about two or three years ago and comparing myself now to when I first started playing I would say I developed a lot. But I can’t stop working hard everyday because I still have a lot more to learn and work on. With CT Heights helping me develop my game and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to play in front of college coaches, my perspective on the game changed very quickly. I started to practice everyday and do my best on the court every single game because I always know that no matter the score of a game, any attitude matters and there will always be someone important watching. They push me to do my best and I WILL make sure that I don’t do anything to mess up this opportunity!!!