My Name is Rhonasha Monae Stevenson. I am 15 years old. I was born and raised in Hartford Connecticut. I started playing basketball when I was 7 years old. My uncle Charles Easterling (beast) inspired me to play basketball. We often spent weeks working and practicing to make me a better player. Every summer I would join a basketball league called the summer league. It was mixed with boys and girls. When I first tried out for the league I was put in the D league. Every afternoon when I got ready for practice I told myself that I’m better than this I should be playing in the junior varsity league. As you read this I hope you got an idea that I really worked hard to make sure I was placed in the junior varsity league. I was 12 playing in the JV league and my team name was UNLV (running rebels). I wasn’t the best player but my goal was to out work everyone else no matter what the score was on the scoreboard ! Also I have other interests besides basketball which are participating in any outdoor activities. As I write this essay I feel like I should be completely honest about myself. When I first got involved with AAU teams it was the worse mistake I made in my entire life.
I was passed around from multiple teams because there wasn’t any coach that was willing to work on my skills. I felt used because I was so talented with my street ball skills but I was never taught how to play real basketball. Now that I am involved with CT Heights I feel the change coming. I feel like the team environment and the coaching stability will help me conquer all my goals as a student and an athlete. This opportunity means a lot to me. I love all the girls on the team and I enjoy practicing with them. The coaches are amazing. I feel like I am being treated like a girl on a college basketball team working her way to the WNBA. I’m being taught to never give up! Continue to fight no matter how tough the game may get–even if your teammates are down still contribute to pick everyone else up. “Never play a game twice because as a team we may not always be able to turn the switch on so it’s best we play the game once” I’ll never forget this.