Hey, my name is Ghynaia Morgan, I am 13 years old and I was born on May 30, 2002. When I was younger I never really had my mind set on playing any contact sports such as basketball. I was a “girly girl”, I loved dancing, wearing skirts, etc. As I said before I never thought I’d play basketball, I always wanted to do either gymnastics or dance. I was a cheerleader when I was about 8 or 9. When my sister started playing organized basketball which was her seventh grade year I had to sit at her practices and I’d just watch her and all the others. Then one day a coach and a parent gave me a ball and they made me shoot around. They realized that I was a good shooter but I obviously wasn’t good at anything else. So I started playing organized basketball around fourth or fifth grade. My first travel team was Bloomfield travel and my first AAU team was Greater Hartford Pro-Am (GHPA, both were boys teams). I started to like basketball a lot and forgot about all the other things I wanted to do. Since I wasn’t a good basketball player I usually sat the bench and when I did get in whether it was for 1 minute or 30 seconds whatever the time was I still tried my best and made the most of the time I got. My coaches I had were much like the coaches I have right now. They were very thorough in what they wanted, they helped me on many of my weaknesses, and they pushed me. I started improving throughout the years because my sister and I had a basketball hoop in our driveway so my sister used to tell me to come outside and play 1 vs. 1 against her. Then if she would see something I’m doing wrong she’d tell me to fix it. Also in the summer we used to have our own “basketball camp” with just me and my sister. And we’d do different drills together. Lastly another thing that helped me get better was an actual basketball camp down the street from my house. There we worked on different ball handling drills, shooting, and it helped us get into shape. Now the AAU team that I play for is Ct Heights. I am very happy to play for this team because it is an invite only team and they decided to choose me out of all the other children there are in the state of CT. There are many kids who want to be apart of our team, but still I was one of the girls to be chosen to play for them. Don’t let me get started on how much my teammates and I have grown together. When we first started playing together and we went to New York to scrimmage the New Heights team, we weren’t doing very well because we didn’t know how our teammates played (their strengths and weaknesses) and we couldn’t adjust. All I could say was that we needed a lot more practice together.
Now we were able to adjust to each other’s skill level and we are playing a lot better and we are playing more like a team that has been together for years when it’s only been a couple months. But that’s only on the court. Off the court we are always having the time of our lives. We are always joking around with each other, making videos and ALWAYS taking pictures. I’ve gotten to know them a lot better and got to bond with them a lot. Whether it was just at practice, after practice, at games, at the hotels, etc. I am happy to have the coaches I have now because they help me out a lot. Not only with basketball but as far as attitude and life itself. In games when they see that I’m starting to get frustrated and I’m not playing myself, they will take me out and talk to me about what i should and shouldn’t do. For example in one of the championship games I played in I started getting frustrated because of different things. They took me out told me not to get frustrated if things aren’t going my way and just to play my game even though I had 4 foul. So the second half I got in, and played my best without fouling. I helped us get back in the game just as well as others helped out also. Then with about 20 seconds left someone inbounded the ball and I made a three to put us down by one but in the end we lost by 2. Even though we may have lost I learned that at that moment whenever something isn’t going your way you shouldn’t get frustrated you should just try to play twice as hard and at the end you can still say you tried. Our coaches also give us inspirational mini speeches so that we can get hyped for the game. They also give us speeches about life too, it’s never only basketball. With basketball comes life. I also want to thank God for my mom. She has been a great inspiration to me. She has supported me since the day I was born and I believe she will until the day I die. My mom continues to be supportive of me with my academics and my basketball career, or even if I want to try another sport in school she will still support me. My mom motivates me to keep striving for greatness and to be the best that I can be at anything that I do. And she also tells me to never give up even when I want to and to keep working and pushing forward on everything that has to do with life. So therefore I thank God and I give him all the glory and honor because he has given me a wonderful gift which is my mother.