Hi my name is Eden Hyatt and I’m thirteen years old, turning fourteen on the fifth of June. I live in Windsor, CT. I’ve been playing basketball my entire life ever or at least since I was little. I was playing my dad one on one since the age of four. It’s always been something that I naturally was just attracted to. It was something that mixed my sense of athleticism and quickness. But this team has opened my eyes and showed me that there is more to basketball than being quick with your hands and feet. This team taught me that in order to be a great basketball player you need more than just potential. You need a good attitude, heart, and dedication. Our chant before every single game is HARD WORK, DEDICATION. This always reminds me that there is more to basketball than just being able to dribble a ball down court without a problem or being able to block every shot down low. It’s also about your attitude. One thing that has been clearly portrayed is that attitude is everything. As basketball players our attitudes are an important part of how we carry ourselves. Our attitudes not only portray us as individuals but your attitude is a reflection of the CT Heights program and Under Armour. Heart. That’s a crucial part of basketball, because when all else fails, your tired, your hurt, you look in your heart to find the strength to keep going and that is SUPER important in my mind. Mental toughness is a big one too. Mental toughness is probably the saying I hear the most on our team because playing on a team like this on a level like this takes mental toughness.
Now one may say that the chance to play on this team on its own is just an amazing opportunity, and it is without a doubt. But this team is more to me than just a chance to travel around and play in cool places and exposure to college coaches and things like that. This team is a big family to me. We all have each others backs at all times. If I’m ever having a bad day I can always look forward to basketball practice because when I go to practice I always have a good time. Being able to chill with people who I can talk to if I’m having a bad time. I never have to worry about feeling left out when I’m with my CT Heights family. If I need help with something I always know I can count on them to give me the answers I need and if they can’t give me the answer, I know for sure that they’d tried their best to give me the most help they can give me. Now I know I talked about how the team is a family and the mutual and mental/emotional greatness of this opportunity, but now I want to talk about the physical greatness of the opportunity to play on this team. So this team has made me a better player not only mentally but physically. I’ve gotten stronger from when I first walked into practice on the first day till now. My game has gotten better. I’m more confident in the skills I posses and I’m more willing to make mistakes so I can learn from them.