Hello, I’m Amani Levitan. I’m 14 years old. I attend the metropolitan learning center. I live in Bloomfield CT. I’ve been playing basketball for 6 years. I remember the specific day I began to seek interest in playing. I remember I was sitting down watching one of my brothers high school basketball games at Conard High and the score was really close so everyone that was playing and watching started to become very intense, which drew my attention because I wasn’t to interested and to add onto that I didn’t understand the game. A player that my brother was guarding began to try go up for a layup, my brother fouled him and he made the shot. That brought the player to the foul line. He made the foul shot. My brothers team began to lose by 3, they didn’t give up. They brought the ball back down the court, my brother went up for a three pointer and made it and got fouled. He made the foul shot. They won 1 point. I thought to myself that seems so much fun, so I brought it to my dad’s attention that I wanted to try and play. He signed me up for an instructional league, and I just fell in love with the game. I started to get recruited by many coaches. Then I started to play for Windsor Warriors, I played for 3 years. I have a passion for basketball that I can’t even explain. When I play it helps me take my anger and aggression out. Sometimes I get really tired with all the hard work we put in but I think myself it’s all going to pay off in the end.
This opportunity that has been given to by the CT Heights means so much to me. It motivates to continue to be determined day by day. Some many young females would die to have such an great opportunity like I was given. So many paths have opened for my future. I literally couldn’t ask for a better team. And most importantly better coaches. They show me each practice that they want the best for me by working to me full potential. I appreciate how determined they are to make me a better player and person, it feels so good to have a coach that I can trust and being able to open up to and express how I feel. I’ve already seen improvement in myself as a person. I’ve become more confident. I mean I can agree I have my days, but everyone does. I’ve became more committed to the game. I wanna go to practice. They help me get things off my mind and I just love the environment. The highlight of my week is when we have tournaments. They’re always so fun. I’m so excited to continue to grow together as a team. I’m excited to continue to bond with one another. Once again I am profoundly gratified for this opportunity. I plan to exploit this fabulous journey to my future. Thanks you so much.