Academic Support


I understand that as a parent of a player on the CT HEIGHTS Basketball Team I am expected to behave in an appropriate and responsible manner.

I understand that I will be held accountable for my actions.

I understand that if I do not behave in an appropriate and responsible manner at games and practices that I may be ejected from the practice facility and barred from attending games.

To that end, I will…

  • Help my child achieve items #1 through #7 listed above by modeling the appropriate behaviors.
  • Behave rationally and responsibly towards all players, coaches, officials, site directors, etc., even if I’m not sure others are behaving accordingly.
  • Focus on learning and enjoyment as well winning and losing.
  • Think about more than just what is good for my child.
  • Discuss concerns with coaches at an appropriate time and place and in an appropriate manner (not immediately after a game or before a practice is about to begin).
  • Extend common courtesy to everyone involved in our program and in tournaments we attend.
  • Avoid undermining team morale.
  • Learn the rules of the sport in which your child participates.
  • Reinforce the coach’s instructions while helping my child develop her personal skills.
  • Practice positive reinforcement whenever possible.

I understand that I, as a player and/or a parent, am responsible for my actions/my child’s actions as they are presented in this document. I understand that CT HEIGHTS Basketball has the right to suspend and/or dismiss players or parents for conduct/behavior that it deems inappropriate or detrimental to the program.