About Us


The CT Heights basketball program was started in March of 2016. CT Heights is a Connecticut based national exposure girls basketball program. The program was started to honor the life of Sonya Denise Dockett Nwachukwu and receives most of its funding from The Sonya D. Dockett Memorial Foundation. The legacy of Sonya will be carried out in the principles,
philosophy and goals of the CT Heights program and the primary focus is to reach young women who aspire to be successful in life (regardless of where they come from). The CT Heights basketball program uses athletics to further this goal using a holistic approach to each girl’s development which will help them reach the next level in their personal growth and their basketball career. As an invite only club, the players are carefully selected to ensure the criteria of the foundation are fulfilled. Although basketball skills provide the baseline for selection, character, discipline and a commitment to excellence are primary components of the players that are selected to play for the team.
Each player in the CT Heights program is fully sponsored. In return, each participant is expected to “Pay It Forward”. This means that each participant is expected to recognize the special opportunity their unique talent has bestowed upon them by their selection to the team and in return to commit to hard work, give effort in all they do and succeed in order to one day help others less fortunate. This is a commitment each participant is expected to live by when they leave the program.
This is the legacy of Sonya Denise Dockett Nwachukwu.